in cahoots

An Open Studio (collaborative / interactive) art project, executed within a period of 4 months in Bita Fayyazi's new workshop. The project started in March 2015 with the first public viewing held in July.

As an attempt to turn the new workshop into a space where artworks could be displayed, I collaborated with 9 contributors of different backgrounds (visual artists, non-artistically inclined contributors, sound artists, performance artists and anyone interested in doing art) to create artworks with available and discarded materials in a time-worn house before being renovated in Tehran.

The project’s other contributing artists among others were:  Bita Fayyazi, Rana Dehghan, Arya Tabandehpoor, Pouya Parsamagham, Ashkan Zahraie, Kaveh Irani, Nahid Behboodian, Asieh Javadi and Fatemeh Gholami.