“Kindred Stitches” is a three channel video installation in which I address the notions of parenting and gardening, aging and mortality through a multi-layered narrative.

The first video is a recorded conversation between me and my parents about my sick cactus, they giving me advice on how to save it and spontaneously telling stories of how they previously saved cacti. Reviving the plant is a metaphor for care, kinship and repair of shattered connections.

The second video is of a reconstructive ear surgery performed by my father, which I documented with my friend, Arya Tabandehpoor, in the surgery room five years ago. In this surgery, a dismembered ear is being reconstructed with sculpting techniques using the patient’s rib cartilage. Inaccessibility of artificial ear prosthesis in Iran as a result of sanctions, is a reason to use this antiquated method.

The third video is me in my studio trying to mend a sculpture which is a broken cast of my mother’s back.